Norland Magic frying pan:
-Reduces the chances of growths of Cancer cells. -Preserves Food Nutrients. -Cuts down expenses on oil by 80%. Reduces excess oil consumed from cooked food Reduces excessive Fat.

Norland Titanium Magic Frying Pan

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  • No cooking fumes; reduces irritation and harm to the skin
  • Non-stick dedicated frypan does’t burn even when cooking for the first time.
  • High insulation protects you as you cook
  • Hard Corrosion-resistant
  • Norland Magic Fry Pan Cook or fry Without Using Oil
  • well designed with natural ceramic coating, solderless welding
  • And it will instantly increase your appetite when you cook with it.
  • Approved by W.H.O
  • Everyone will be pleased by its efficiency

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Oil is a major source of fat. Most health conscious persons tend to avoid fried foods because normally, one can’t fry without oil.

Now, the good news is, you can fry anything with absolutely no need for oil. You can still eat those foods you crave for without worrying about extra oil intake.

What’s special about this pan?

The pan is made from 2500 ton forged aluminum, titanium and stainless steal with multiple health-safe coatings within that enhances the ‘non-stick’ function which prevents food from sticking to the surface and allows for easy cleaning. Its outer coating is made from protective eco-friendly porcelain triple coating which gives it its superb anti-scratch, anti-stain property. It also has a bakelite handle and flame guard which prevents your hands from burns.
You can cook that food with minimal time and be sure the nutrients in your food are still intact. Foods remain moist and even vegetables retain texture. Food doesn’t easily get dried, overcooked, or burnt. It thus reduces chances of growth of cancer cells and reduces cholesterol.

How does it work?

Basically, almost everything we eat contain traces or some good amount of fat and oil. But mostly, we have been “frying oil in oil” and our bodies suffer. The technology behind this lovely product is such that allows for the oil content in the food to be extracted and used to fry the same food.


Whether frying beef, steaks, or other delicacies, easily enjoy top-class chef-like food at home. Perfectly frying eggs is a basic morning skill everyone should have, Norland Magic Pan makes it possible. The difference between you and a chef has just dedicated kitchenware. A dedicated cooking pan that retains a cuisine’s color, aroma, and taste.

  • Physical non-stick technique Diamond drill processing forms tension on the fry pan surface, thus achieving the non-stick effect.
  • High-intensity surface anodizing technology
  • High-pressure stamping technology High-quality pure aluminum alloy material, stamping technology, and magnetic steel ring bottom result in better heat conduction, heat resistance, and a hardened surface.
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing. The ergonomic design spreads force and angle all over the surface. First-class handling.
  • From home cooks to professional cooks, everyone will be pleased by its efficiency Saves your effort while stir-frying. Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Reduces the chance of growth of cancer cells.
  • Preserve food nutrients.
  • Food prepared does not stick.
  • Reduces excess oil consumed from cooked food.
  • Suitable for everyone and also the elderly Cooking can be done on the gas stove, electric stove and open campfire (great for camping) 2500 Ton Forged Aluminum Construction: Happycall Diamond Pan forged with this special method makes it more dense and solid than general casting frying pans and provides excellent smoothness.
  • 5 Layers of Diamond coating, Best known NON-STICK cooking surface: Strong Diamond DNC 5 layers coating ensures strength and hardness to resist scratch, abrasion, and corrosion. The ‘non-stick’ function prevents food from sticking to the surface and provides easy cleaning.
  • Protective Porcelain Anti-Scratch, Anti-Stain Outer Coating: Eco-friendly Porcelain triple coating is applied making the Happycall
  • Diamond Frying Pan strong against exterior scratches and peels.
  • 4 times more heat conductive than most cookware: Diamond has the best heat conductivity (5 times more than copper, 140 times more than stainless steel) and is not harmful to the human body. PFOA Free: No environmentally harmful substance was found. Its coating is non-toxic. Other cool features:

Ergonomic Bakelite handle and flame guard Quarter inches thick yet lightweight aluminum construction Extra durability & strength Heat source ready: electric hob, vitriol ceramic, gas hob Dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Using this wonderful cookware, you can be doubly sure you do not need any oil at all. So, besides economic value, its very suitable for the elderly, diabetic patient, people who just want to keep in good shape, infact, just anybody.
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Health is wealth.  Make a good health choice today. Choose Norland Magic Pan


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