About us


Norland Industrial Group is one of the world’s fastest growing companies and a leading world-class multinational Industrial Group expanding irs oiperations to major countries & around the globe today.

Founded by a Surgeon, Dr. Zou Zhongquan whose research focuses mainly on Human body Regenerative Restoration Science and Full Body Detoxification Science. Dr. Zou (Xu) was the Resident Doctor in the White House, Washington during Obama administration He is the Vice-president China Medical Association and Vice President, China Medical Quality Management Association. One of his medical products MEBO GI, a Human Body Regenerative Restorative Science was used to combat the outbreak of Alzheimer disease which affected the oval 5.1 million Americans In 2013.
Norland, a large scale transnational Industrial Group was established in 2008, and covers Health Care. Medical Cosmetology, Ecommerce & Direct Selling among others. It is integrated with numerous other businesses including Health Management, Medical Service, Production, R&D, International Logistics and Finance.

To build a health & detoxification global ecosystem, and make everyone benefit from wisdom health

To Provide unrivalled employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the community
To Improve the quality health of human life, and
To advance the ubiquity of Chinese Medicine, popularizing it around the world


Four Policies:
Boulder Century Foundation,
Shape a Century brand
Make millions of elites successful, and
Serve Millions of families wholeheartedly


In November 2015 Norland Industrial Group obtained a Direct Selling License In fulfilment of the company’s mission which is to advance the ubiquity of Chinese Medicine, popularizing it around the world and to provide unrivalled employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals in communities around the globe. NORLAND IS A PRODUCT BASED DIRECT MARKETING MODEL with over 60 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TESTED & TRUSTED products. They are FDA, ISO and NAFDAC certified.
This Direct Selling business covers China, US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Africa. Currently Norland is in over 70 Countries and 5 continents,

including Africa.


Norland Industrial Group finds its way to Africa first in 2017 and has been spreading rapidly cross Africa with its strong presence in more than 20 African countries now which includes:
Norland Nigeria
Norland South Africa
Norland Ghana
Norland Angola
Norland Namibia
Norland Kenya
Norland Liberia
Norland Cameroun
Norland Zimbabwe
Norland Uganda, Norland Botswana etc.